is a double tribute. To Steve Jobs for the computer nerd in us. To the West Coast style Double IPA for the beer geek within us. Packed with large amounts of Amarillo, Chinook, Citra and Simcoe. Don't settle. Brewed in October 2011 by Robert Högberg, Rick Gordon Lindqvist and Rolf Johansson.

Mash in at +66C, Boil time 60 min

Pilsener Malt 12kg
CaraVienne Malt 1.2kg
Beet Sugar 1.5kg
Carahell Malt 0.7kg
Wheat Malt 0.5kg

Citra 140g 60 min
Simcoe 80g 30 min
Citra 100g 20 min
Chinook 100g 15 min
Amarillo 100g 10 min
Simcoe 100g 5 min
Amarillo 100g 0/Flame out

Dry hop: 1 week Amarillo 200g, 1 week Citra+Simcoe 300g