The almighty robot arm


Limisc, Perl Mini SSC-II software
(tar.gz package, 5,5 kB)
GTK servo controller software
(tar.gz package, 1,2 MB)
Servo controller manual
(PDF, 178 kB)
Video clip of my robot arm in action (MPG, 3MB)
Lynxmotion, the manufacturer
Mini SSC-II links

The robot arm is manufactured and sold by Lynxmotion. It's no longer sold as you see it in the video, this one was bought in the end of 2002 and Lynxmotion tries to optimize the arm all the time.

So, what can it do? Well, not much. No heavy work at all, it's so small. But for small work, it's great. There are six servo motors in the arm, together with a servo motor controller (Mini SSC-II) which can be controlled via a standard RS-232 interface. The servo controller understands simple byte-digit-commands, as <255,3,128>, which means "controlcode","servo 3","take position 128 (out of 0-254)".

The latest software I've written for the Mini SSC-II is "Limisc", written in Perl. It uses and needs the "Curses" and "Widget" modules. It's not yet finished, but it's useable for experimenting, either interactively with the curses interface - or automated for just running a program file. More information here.

I've begun writing a GTK+ application in C, for controlling the servo controller. It's not ready at all, but you might find it useful for getting ideas and controlling the robot arm for simple tasks. Development is stalled.