Ices0 crossfade plugin converted to crossmix

A patch for the ices0 crossfade.c plugin by Brendan Cully. It keeps the sample volume at 100% for each track, so the result is just mixing the two tracks. No beatmixing or beatmatching, though. That's more advanced.

This is ideal if you have a playlist with jingles or tracks that fade out themselves, or tracks that have intros that you want other tracks to play at 100% over. It simply makes the mix "tighter" than with a fade-out and fade-in of each track in the list. It can also help remove silence in the end of tracks, often there when ripping from cd.

Of course, it's not ideal for all tracks, and as with all automated processes it can sound quite silly when a track with a high-volume and cold-end mix directly into a new track with full starting volume.


crossfade_crossmix.c (C source, 5.8K)


Download the crossfade_crossmix.c source file and copy it to the ices0 src tree, renaming it to crossfade.c (keep a copy of the old if you want to go back). Then compile ices0 again and install. The crossfade element in the XML configuration file still works and states the number of seconds of overlap.


I don't know how to compile.
Then I can't help you. This patch for ices0 needs to be compiled.

It doesn't work. I get errors.
First, make sure that ices0 compiles without this patch. If it does, please mail the error output to rojo (at) nocrew (dot) org.

I doesn't crossmix tracks.
Make sure that you have the crossfade element in your XML configuration, and that it's set to a non-zero value. Then, check the debug output. Too short tracks don't get mixed. And check the tracks, there could be silence that makes it sound like it doesn't get mixed.

What architecture have you tested?
Ubuntu Linux 2.6.24-16-server #1 SMP Thu Apr 10 13:15:38 UTC 2008 x86_64



Rolf Johansson, 2008-12-07