Delta Force: Land Warrior: maps, utils, screenshots


On this site:
Screenshots from a multi-player networked game
How to design a decent coop map
(from a player's point of view)
How to patch DFLW
Steps to take and files needed.

External links:
Delta Force Land Warrior
IP4LW, easier point-to-point playing.
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Delta Force: Land Warrior is a game in the Delta Force series from Novalogic. It's a first person shooter game, with networking capabilities.

You can play cooperative group missions, save the flag (teams against each other) or deathmatch (everyone is a suspect). Most fun when playing in a network.

There's also a map editor, so you can design your own missions. Read more on how to design a map for coop (this site).

Maps that I've designed:
Green Valley, think it's coop.
Green Valley mission file
Green Valley 1, other version.
Green Valley 1 mission file
Green Valley 2, other version.
Green Valley 2 mission file
Scary Town, deathmatch (?)
Scary Town missionfile
Secret Garden, early one I think.
Secret Garden missionfile