Rolf Johansson

My collection of stories to tell the world.

Disable monitor standby mode when lock screen enabled in Windows 10
A quick solution to windows repositioning after unlocking.
Automato Dashboard
This is the dashboard for my automatic greenhouse project.
My music contributions
I've saved a bunch of tracks on Soundcloud for you to enyoy.
Using moisture sensor HW-103 with Raspberry Pi and MCP3008
What to do to save the life of your moisture sensor, if you're using one.
Tribute Double IPA 11%
Homebrew done in 2011 with recipe and photos of the brewing.
Libris API Demo
Client-side code that uses multiple API for searching for one query.
Dreambox 500 with Comhem
Very old text and links for the Dreambox 500, in Swedish.
Delta Force: Land Warrior
Custom designed maps and missions, utilities and screenshots for this good old game.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Images describing most of the vehicles found in this game, good for reference.
Atmel AVR and STK500 devboard with Linux
How to use this devboard when running Linux.
Ices0 crossmix plugin
When running Ices0 with Icecast, this plugin can crossmix instead of crossfade.
Lynxmotion Robot Arm with servo controllers
A collection of videos, programs and documentation for an old version of this arm.
Limisc, Linux software for Mini-SSC II
Perl software for controlling servo controllers trough Mini-SSC II.

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